Unique features

Why Choose Pentonium

No Registration

Post a job or order for a service without the hustle of creating an account with us. Just click and go!

Private Jobs

Secure a deal over social media or instant-messaging app in a trustless fashion, just share a private job link with them and take over.

Instant Payment

Get your hard earned money on your wallet once the delivery is confirmed. No waiting, it's your money after all.

No Manipulation

Forget about data manipulation and users selling their reputed account to non skilled service providers. You get what you see.


How it works?

Our aim is to provide automation and technologies to solve issues over freelancing industry.


A small community who helps resolve dispute between clients and service providers.

P2P Chat

Skynet powered P2P server less chat ensures privacy of the users.


Escrow smart contract takes care of fair and instant payment for service providers.

Working with us

Our Team

Rupak Kumar
Co-Founder / Product Manager
Rupak is on an execution level, working closely with the product engineers, Rupak brings his experience of team management and product design of 5 years.
Parvez Alam
Security Analyst / Core Team
Parvez being our security analyst is been awarded by prominent companies like Microsoft, Google and Sony e.t.c.

Abhishek Tiwari
Co-Founder / Solidity Developer
Abhishek brings his skills of solidity development and work experience of 4 years in blokchainverse.

Token to unleaseh workforce

PTM token is the native token of the Pentonium platform and is been used directly / indirectly in the following situations.

Successful delivery

5% of the fee charged on every successful delivery in PTM tokens.

Successful dispute resolution

1% of the order in PTM is charged for successful dispute resolution.


Service Provider can run advertisement over platform using PTM tokens.


PTM tokens give power to the community to hire / fire a Marshals.