Freelancers on a block

A Decentralised freelancing platform with transparent governance and automated dispute resolution


Become a marshal and get rewarded by dedicating your time and effort to help protect the network against fraud and bad actors. It just takes 1,000 PTM right now!

P2P Chat

Experience a secure chat between client and service provider without bothering of surveillance or data leak.


Enjoy trustless transaction between client and service provider without a third party. Escrow contract is designed to act as a automated middle man between client and service provider.


Introducing Pentonum's own swap platform, experience a one-click swap of PTM token with just a 0.2% fee to the platform.


Increase incentivisation in your liquidity mining through a quarterly reward programme.


There are thousands of people who are doing freelancing and getting returns. There is no harm getting rewarded for your work. Basically freelancing works on trust and that's where the problem arises. No one can assure you that you won't be cheated. We are trying to eliminate almost every problem associated with it and we believe that this will be helpful for both client and service providers.

Pentonium has efficiently removed all registration process.Anyone can act as a service provider as well as the client just by connecting their Metamask wallet. They can fix the amount for their work (However, the price can vary depending on the level of the project demanded by the client) and time period of the project. Once the deal is locked, the amount from the wallet of the client is locked in an escrow contract and the timer is activated. All the information shared between the client and the service provider goes through IPFS end to end encrypted chat service. After successful completion of the project within the time limit , the client will hit the “PAY” icon and the amount will be transferred to the wallet of the service provider. However, service providers can use the ”Drop This Job” button to release the fund locked in the escrow contract. The fund will be sent back to the client. In case of dispute, both parties have to pay a fee for dispute resolution (If one party is to negate on depositing the fee, they would lose the case on the basis of non-participation) After the fee is received, the complete chat between them will be transferred to the Marshals.

A marshal is anyone willing to dedicate his or her time and effort to help protect the network against fraud and bad actors for a reward.Marshals know about the subject, have worked in the industry and bring with them vast quantities of experience in that particular field. Once chosen, marshals are tasked with examining the evidence before voting in an A/B manner for the party they believe correct. At this point, the losing party has the ability to appeal should they feel so inclined.

To become a marshal, you need to stake at least 1,000 PTM tokens in the vault contract. After the staking, you will need to open a proposal on why the community should vote and accept you as a marshal. If the majority of the votes approve your position as a marshal, you will be automatically approved on the marshal contract. If you are voted against as a marshal, you can simply stake PTM tokens and get rewarded. The more PTM they deposit, the more likely they will be chosen to arbitrate.

Marshals will be rewarded from the fee charged for the dispute resolution and the commission against their DeFi holdings.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount.