Cross-border Agreement Solution
A web3 powerd solution for agreements that can rely on exchange of value against digital deliverables between two parties.
Ex: A contract between brand and influencer to deliver a video in return of $5,000 dollars.


Use social-signin or just connect your wallet to create your first agreement.

Collect SBTs
Working remote or being a freelancer is a pain when it comes to create a legitimate portfolio and proof of all the work your delivered
As you use our protocol to create agreements a profile is auto-generated that can be viewd using your wallet address which then can be used as a proof of your work / CV or you can even consider it as on-chain pay-slip.
Our agreement is based on SBTs, a non transferable NFT that updates its metadata as per the status of the agreement.
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1% Fee Only!
Supports Gass-less Transactions
Instant Dispute Resolution
Transparent Dispute Resolution
Fiat-On Ramp Integrated
Just like a Web2 App
End-to-End encryption for Deliverables
1% Fee Only!
Instant Dispute Resolution
Raise Invoice
Receive Payments
End-to-End encryption for Deliverables